Looking to commission us in the future?
Do you have a lot of questions?
This page can help you gather all the information you need before applying for a slot in the next opening!
Dont see your question answered here or in the TOS? Feel free to ask!


-Fursuit Info-

Heads are built on a hand-carved foam base.
They are fully lined with moisture wicking lycra with no exposed foam.
Jaws are static and fully lined. We do NOT offer moving jaws.
Eyes are 3D following style. 2D eyes are no longer available.
Standard size heads fit up to 25" comfortably with excellent vision and ventilation.
Heads are available in a large size (up to 26") and a small size (23-24")
Our heads do allow for glasses to be worn inside.
However this depends entiely on both your head size and your frame size.
If you're unsure, please ask for a larger head build to accommodate your glasses. 

Handpaws and handhooves are one size.
Paws and hoofless hands are 4 finger only.
Hooves are 3 finger only. (ask about mitten style hooves)
All hooves and paws are unlined and have the raw edge of the fur cuffed with soft minky.
We do not line hands.

Footpaws and hooves come standard as outdoor only and will come with an EVA foam bottom.
Indoor paws and hooves are available as an additional option and have pawpads/hooves stitched into the bottom.
All feet are built on a slipper style boot and fully lined.
Feet are plush stuffed unless a specialty shape is required. At which point it is hand carved foam.
Your shoe size is required for any footpaw or hoof purchase.

Tails are backed with elastic straps and attach with a belt.
Tails can be attached to a bodysuit upon request.

Bodysuits are made with a Duct Tape Dummy.
Please be sure to follow the DTD guidelines that Heads & Tails provides to you.
Failture to follow the DTD guidelines may result in an ill fitting bodysuit.
Under some circumstances, we can make a bodysuit with measurements only. Please ask about this option if you feel it is necessary.
Bodysuits all come with a zipper on the front of the suit. If you would like one on the back or along the side of the belly, please ask BEFORE your project has started.
Plantigrade bodies are straight legged and do not come with any padding.
Digitigrade bodies have a bent leg appearance and come with removable upper leg padding and sewn in lower leg padding.

-Things We Will Not Do-

NSFW work is no longer accepted.
This includes extra zippers or plush "parts"
Applications with NSFW reference sheets will be immediately tossed out.
Electronics of any kind are not available in our suits.
This means lights, fans, moving parts, or blinking/moving eyes are not available.
Our work is Toony style only and we do not do semi-toony or realistic work of any kind.
All markings are hand or machine sewn. We do not airbrush any part of our suits.
Long hair styles are not offered. We do not work with wefted hair or wigs.
Bodysuits with additional padding (muscles, breasts, etc) are not offered.
Moving jaws are not offered.
Puffy hand paws, or paws with more than 4 fingers are not offered.
If we feel your design markings are too thin or too small to be sewn, we may ask you to simplify them or allow us artistic freedom in matching them with our skills.

-Material Info-

All materials for your project are new and unused.
Furs are purchased from a variety of places including local shops and online vendors.
When picking furs and fabrics for your project, we will do our best to match your reference sheet. 
Sometimes a color is hard to find, discontinued, or simply doesn't exist.
In cases like this, we will work with you to find the best match.
If we think there is no substitute, or you aren't happy with any of the options presented, we may refund you and choose not to move forward with the project. 
We want you to be happy with your suit, and if you are not happy with the color options available, we may not be the right maker for you.
We do NOT accept materials from clients.
If you have a special fur color you need or would like, you can send us the purchase link and we will buy it for your project.
We do not work on headbases provided by the client.
We do not finish projects that another maker/client has already started. All work is done here in the studio from scratch.
If you're looking to match an existing suit, please provide the names and types of fur so that we can match materials for you.
In some cases, matching very old or rare fur is impossible. Dye lots change and furs go out of production. 
A substitute may be needed in order to take on your project. Otherwise we may turn it down.


-Commission Info-

When commissions are open, simply use the quote form to send in your ref sheet and any other requests you have for your future suit.
Ref sheets must be clear and unshaded.
All markings must be visible on your ref.
A 2 view (front and back) is required for all suits.
Complex characters will need a 3rd side view on the ref.
We do not work with minors. There are no exceptions.
Typical wait times are 1-2 months from the start of your project. (not from payment date)
Clients in the first batch of the opening are typically started the month after commissions open, and are finished within that same month.
Suits in the second batch are finished within one month wait time plus the month of build time.

-Shipping Info-

All finished suits are shipped via USPS.
We use ground shipping with no insurance.
If you would like a faster service or would like to include shipping, please indicate that BEFORE the suit is ready to be shipped.
We recycle clean boxes when we can. This means you may get a used amazon box or a box from our fur providers.
In all other cases, we use new boxes.
Suits are packed in plastic bags to help prevent water damage during shipping.
Once a suit has been dropped off, it is out of our hands and we have no control over where it is at any given time.
If you think your suit is lost, please consult your tracking, call your local post office, and hang tight. 
Sometimes packages take a few extra days to arrive. 
International shipping is available in most cases.
We are not responsible for any customs fees that you may incur when your package arrives in your home country.