First and foremost,
These fursuits and fursuit parts are NOT toys. They are to be worn and used in the manner that they were intended. Any injury to yourself or others while wearing/using items from us is your responsibility. Being careful and respectful of yourself and those around you is of huge importance.

Moving on...

Getting Started
You must agree that you are at least 18 years of age.
We reserve the right to request proof of age at any time during the commission process. If you choose not to comply, we will cancel your commission.
By commissioning us, you are stating that you own the character that you have commissioned.
An unshaded, fursuit friendly reference is needed for almost all commissions. For partial suits, we require at least a front and back ref. For full suits with side markings, we require a 3 point turnaround ref.
It is preferred that all ref sheets are SFW.
We will not be responsible for marking mistakes based on references with unclear markings, unlisted details, or outdated designs.
Quotes are good for one week from the date they are given out.

We accept square for all payments.
PayPal may be accepted for premade work as well as international clients.
Zelle is accepted for in person payment only.
Payment plans are NOT being accepted at this time.

If for any reason you have to back out of your commission, void your contract with us, or cancel a commission at any time, you will be given a refund based on how much work has been completed. If no work has been completed/you have not come up in queue yet, you will forfeit 30% of your  payment as a non refundable deposit. The percentage of your project's completion can be found on your trello card.
0-24% complete - 70% refund
25-49% complete - 50% refund
50-74% complete - 20% refund
75-100% complete - no refund

Premade and YCH work holds a No Refund policy.
Any premade or ready to wear suit or suit parts bought online, or in person will not be refundable under any circumstances.

Abandoned and Cancelled Projects
If contact cannot be made with you for 4 consecutive months, your project will be considered abandoned. Any completed work will be disassembled and/or sold at our discretion. No refund will be given and you will not be allowed to commission our studio again in the future. 

In the event We decide to cancel your project for any reason, you will be given a full refund and your project will be disassembled and/or sold at our discretion.

If for any reason we are not able to complete your project within 6 months of purchase, you will be entitled to a full refund. Any finished work will be disassembled and/or sold at our discretion.

Shipping prices are never included in the price of an item unless stated otherwise. They are an additional cost, and are the responsibility of the commissioner. Once your suit is complete and ready to ship, a shipping price will be given. This is non-negotiable and will be paid in full before any item/s are shipped out. We currently ship with the United States Postal Service. Our packages are shipped with tracking information only. If you would like to add insurance, please indicate that you would like to BEFORE a suit is ready to be shipped. We are not responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged items. Once an item is shipped, we are not in control of the package.
Shipping for international orders is available. However, keep in mind that it will cost more than domestic shipping, and we will not be responsible for any damages that come to your package overseas. Once an international item leaves our shop, we are no longer responsible for it. Additionally, we will not be responsible for any customs fees that you may encounter in your home country.

Progress on your commission
Progress photos will be sent as they are taken. You may request 2 changes before you will be charged for additional changes. However, once a piece is finished, changes will not be made. We will not stray from our "style" to match that of another maker. Please keep in mind we are making this suit for you and you only. We ask that you refrain from posting WIP photos to public spaces.

There is a limited warranty on your new suit!
However. NSFW work of any kind holds NO WARRANTY. Please be aware of this before commissioning any adult work.
If your suit comes damaged right out of the box, you must send photos of the damage the day you receive the item. You then have 7 days to ship it back for repairs.
The first 3 months of your new suit have a construction/maker error warranty (you pay shipping) you send the item back, and it is repaired for free.
Any time after the 3 month warranty is up, any repairs will incur a fee.
Shipping an item to us for repairs is the responsibility of the commissioner, and is non-refundable. Before an item is shipped out, we will discuss the extent of the damage, and we will send you a quote of what it will cost to fix/replace the item in question. The repair fee is to be made up front and in full before the item is shipped. Any item that is shipped to us for repairs will not be our responsibility if it is lost, stolen, or further damaged.
If your suit is sent in with foul smells or is unclean, we will charge you a $100 cleaning fee before the suit is worked on.

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone!
We will stop payment and refund any customers who are malicious, rude, or participating in harassment of any kind.

Allergy Warnings
All of the fur we use is 100% synthetic fur.
However, we have a dog! We can not guarantee the absence of animal hair or dander. If you need a 100% pet free home, please find another maker to commission.