Heads & Tails Basic Care Sheet

Basic Tips:

-          Never leave your suit in a hot car or building. This can remelt the glue, warp the eyes, or damage the fur.

-           Keep a fursuit spray, either home made or bought, with you for on the go care.
*A home made fursuit spray is a 60/40 mix rubbing alcohol/water. A few drops of fragrance or essential oils is optional*

-          Make sure suit parts are fully dry before storing them.

-          Please always ask your maker if you’re unsure about anything.

What To Wear: What you were under your suit will help keep it in great shape for years to come. For full suits or suits with arm or leg sleeves, it is recommended to always wear Under Armor or a similar brand under your suit to help keep you cool and help keep moisture off your suit. It also provides a layer of protection against the scratchy backing of some furs.

Washing Instructions:


-          You can easily wash your head in a bathtub, sink, or wash it with a carpet cleaner machine like the Bissel Green Machine. You can use any laundry soap, carpet shampoo, or fursuit shampoo from your favorite creator. Once clean, set your head to dry in front of a fan.

-          Your hands, feet, tail, sleeves, and bodysuit are all machine washable. You can also clean everything in a tub, sink, or with a Bissel like you did with your head. Use a regular wash cycle with cold water and an extra spin cycle to get excess water out. Lay your clean parts out to dry. Be sure to check and flip them often to evenly dry. If you have a fan, set them in front of it to speed up the process.


**If you have a dryer that has an AIR ONLY setting (not low heat, a specifically air only) you can toss you suit parts in the dryer with your favorite dryer sheets. This will take several cycles. If you choose to use your dryer, and you are not sure if the settings include an air only, test it on a sock. If the sock comes out of the dryer even slightly warm, do not use your dryer for your suit. If you choose to risk it, and your suit is damaged by the dryer, we will NOT honor your warranty.


Remember to ask questions if you aren't sure about something!